Sunday, March 6, 2011

Future genius crafter in very SLOW progress

While my mom thinks I'm pretty awesome at everything, I have been putting my crafts on the back burner to my new friend; the gym. 

That's right! I go every day........ well Monday through Friday
in my book that counts as every day
so I've resorted to doing crafts at work on Saturdays (my boss doesn't mind/I'm his favorite)

So most weekends I make very small, teeny tiny progress on whatever I need to get down. 
so today I finally got around to painting my parents numbers on their house
I would show you, but then you would know where I live. and I love stalkers as much as I love it when people throw soft tacos at my car.....that's right. my car has been soft tacoed. taco'd?

who cares about the spelling. 
but I finally finished (besides stapling the back) this
its wayyyyyyyyyy betttttttttter in person. pink promise
and I love making these, like I would set up an esty shop with just this one project..and wouldn't care if I make millions. I seriously enjoy it. 

I have also been busy making koozies for some girls at work. 
While this would have been enjoyable, some people have sticks up their butts and told me that they don't like their button, but it will work. 
Well fine. at least the other people liked theirs and I love fabric
so those took me like a week to make. 
1. because I'm lazy and work, so I didn't feel like working on them
2. because my sewing machine hates me and the bobbin does weird things all the time
but their done...thank goodness

well I went to walmart to get some needle threaders, but they only have the cheap ones that I break because I sew with embroidery floss and not regular thread
I use embroidery floss on the canvas' I create and I honestly like it better than regular thread, I can break it down and make the stitch bigger or smaller. Which is AWESOME to me

but I didn't buy any needle threaders, so I looked at the clearance section of the craft/sewing department and found something I'm excited about. 
pom-pom's on a roll for .50 cents???? yes please. 
I LOVE pom-pom's, I don't even know why. I just love
I can't wait to dye these puppies to match something random
I got some velvety blue and some weird gold trim too.

and my thought process is like ribbon, ok, gold trim, alright, I always need pom-poms
these will be good in my stash...I'll spend 2 bucks on this....and then I throw it in the basket. 

this little action drives my grandmother crazy, she finds it so frustrating that I buy things like rolls of pom-poms or excess of different colored fabrics without a clue what I'm doing with them. 

Every time I do this she screams about how nothing matches and that's not how you even make a quilt and I'm crazy. She's crazy old, but I don't yell at her. and to think I want to move to spend more time with her....that's crazy

Well I thrive on it, I need to pick it because I never know when I'll need something that random
and ideas pop in and out of my head all the time. So yes I need 15 fat quarters of completely opposite fabric and 482983 kinds of embroidery floss. Leave me alone old woman.....just kidding grandma

and since I have nothing else to blog about, I've seen all my fellow bloggers show their studio
even though mines not a studio, its a room, but its pretty rad that I don't have to craft on my bedroom floor. that got old fast

so this is the view that I look at when I'm in my element
It's called organized chaos.
I know everyone uses that saying. but its true, where did I find my hammer today? in the desk, where it belongs......yes it does, I'm sorry that I'm seriously good at anything on the wall without using a level and my excellence comes out more when I've been drinking. 

and my x-acto knife? its with the paints.....that's where its safe...and my heating pad, its next to the fabric.
I'm not sure how this brain works, but I graduated college. with a 3.7
so suck it. 

I'M A GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mayor of Procrastination Town

I am the Queen of procrastination
the ruler, its owner, and I even procrastinated blogging. 

I make lists about nearly everything and nothing seems to get accomplished
Though I have this non-disease disease about me, I did some things done today. 
like tanning, go ahead and tell me how I'm going to get cancer and die. 
blah, blah, blah

well tanning gives you endorphins and they make you happy. 
I also signed up for the YMCA today and got the full tour. 
so I have made some progress from my very first post about my new years goals. 

but my procrastination is so out of control that I have needed to do laundry for a couple of days, so I stripped my sheets to really do some laundry

and I put off doing laundry, guess who didn't sleep with any sheets last night? me
my crafts have suffered from this non-disease disease. 

but I did start/finish some junk today and I just keep adding to my list of things that need to get done. 

and I'm starting on this sewing/painting on a canvas. You can only guess what the outcome will say, I'm full of surprises. 

Even though I can't start and finish anything that has to do with crafts in a timely manner, I thought it would be a great idea to make my first piece of clothing. (I made an apron, but that doesn't count as clothing. unless you are an floozy)

despite my laziness of everything in my life. I have decided that instead of camping at my parents house forever, I'm going to try and move back to my hometown and help take care of my grandparents. I've only just started looking for jobs and I haven't told too many people, including my grandparents. But you bet your bottom dollar I started buying stuff for my potential place. 

like this wine rack.....that is going to be sanded and painted a completely different color.

I also bought a 1960's/1970's liquor cart. its not cleaned up yet, but as soon as I windex that glass and shine up the brass it will be perfect. I'm so excited its unbelievable. 

While some of my family members aren't as excited in my new decision as others, I believe that it is an adverture and I would love to spend more time with my extended family as well. So lets all think positive about it. thanks

and as for my nervousness giving my friend is magnetic board? HE LOVED IT!!!!! whew, that's over with. I even posted about him TWICE! that's pretty big. But now I can move on and give more crafty presents to boys.  woooooooooooohooooooooooooooo. party on!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Living in Oklahoma has its ups and downs. 
Lately the weather has been a problem. 

While everyone that I come in contact with has something to complain about, I keep trying to think of things that are positive to keep me from choking my dog as I continue to shovel my way out to civilization. 

  • I found a brand new bottle of rum underneath my car seat (I don't know how it got there)
  • I have a job, house, and a father that drives me to work when the weather is this bad
  • This weather finally gives me time to update my blog, because I'm so busy and all
  • And its giving me time to work on crafts.....
Speaking of crafts.........

I found a hub cab on the side of the road and the hoarder inside me told me I needed it. 
So obviously I picked it up and thought, what a nice clock this would make. 
I had my grandpa help me drill the hole and after 3 trips to Hobby Lobby and him telling me that it wasn't center, it turned out perfect. 

Although I am a die hard Sooners fan, one of my high school buddies goes to OSU and he's about to graduate. I normally make these magnetic boards for girls, I figured I might try and make one for a boy and see how they like it. I also figured that he has to like it because we're friends. Normally I just have a scrapbook paper backing, but I spray painted chalkboard on this one and used beer bottle caps as magnets. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome, lets just see his reaction when I finally give it to him. 

These are just 2 of the million I have made for family and friends. With these lovely magnetic boards, I've found that Mod Podge has become my best friend and the lady over at Mod Podge Rocks is awesome, crazy nice, and she even has tutorials on how to use Mod Podge if you are a beginner at the mixture of basically glue and water. 

My next projects include a sewing/painting on canvas.
This is the one I made for my mom for Christmas, she's a quilter and lovvvveeeeessssssss to sew. oh the irony 

and my bestie wants some pillows made for her new apartment. 
More pictures to come, but I'll just leave you with this little lovely text from my lover

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I keep thinking how wonderful Martha Stewart is. 
I mean she's crafting and she cooks and decorates and does crazy cool crap. 
She seems like an angel from above with a hot glue gun in her hand. 

Until I was on her website and was looking around, in my pretty little head I thought Martha Stewart was shewoman. She knew it all and did it all, she even went to jail! Come on....

Except that Martha also has a team of thousands that do basically everything for her, craft blogs, makeup people, tv crew, chefs, I'm sure that if I had all that I could blog every day about how awesome I am too. 

So it took me like an hour to iron all of my fabric, learning from my mistake of don't wash reds with whites and I got some streaks.....but I'm not perfect

It does make me happy that my fabric collection is growing. and that one of my hardest projects is almost done. 

Not only did paint, erase, and repaint all of this like a thousand times. I free handed about half of it and this is only half of it. The middle is going to be a chalk/magnetic board with beer cap magnets. I've made a thousand of theses, but this is the first one I've made for a boy. 

I'm super nervous about his reaction. but we've been friends since forever. So hopefully he'll take that into consideration. 

I'll be posting the tutorial on this at a later date with prettier paint color and the backing intact. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Beginnings

It's a new year and like everyone else in the world I want to start over and work on myself....blah, blah, blah. 

well today I'm feeling the pressure of getting out of my college town and into a career, living on my own, paying my own bills, and FINALLY feeling like a real grown up. 

I couldn't be prouder of my best friend getting a job right after college. 

(she's on the left)

but it makes me wonder, what am I doing wrong or did I say no to the right opportunities? 

It could always be worse and I'm throwing the worlds biggest pity party right now. 
I'm trying to look on the bright side; I have a job, I'm not homeless, friends and family love me

so aside from getting into my career this year, I'm going to be positive and to start working out. 
but since I have no motivation and my self-esteem is like blllllaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

I'm failing at all three. 

Here's to the most depressing post ever. 

(I'm definitely not looking for comments on reassurance, just expressing my feelings)

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I thought starting a blog after Christmas was a good idea, but then I realized that I didn't take pictures of anything I made (I'm a real genius like that). 

So here's what my craft room looks like weeks after I crafted everyone's gift

The weeks before christmas was a blur, trying to get everything done and my craft room reflects on it.